Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Im Back !!!!

Hello Friends, God is doing a great work in me and I know that you have wondered where I was but I am here. I have been recovering from surgery daily. God is good.

I want to encourage you to be a blessing to someone else this season in your life.

The holiday season can be a very exciting time for me and for some its very depressing; some love ones leave us during this time and some are away for awhile or forever. I encourage you today to spread joy to someone else in and out of your personal circle. Encourage yourself.

There is a song that says encourage yourself, speak over your self until your victory is won; encourage yourself in the Lord....

Some people may not know how to do that; if you do show them; give the gift of encouragement this holiday season. Encouragement can simply be a hug or an invitation; not all gifts cause money and the those that come from the heart are the most expensive(valuable).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday
Every feel like your chasing the wind; you know its there bust yyou cant see it; with the wind its not about what you can see but what you can feel. It is what comes from our heart that motivates and drives us towards our destiny. Just because you may not see it now; doesnt mean its not there, doesnt mean its not real or obtainable. Just like the wind you feel it. The feeling is what makes your dreams real and the courage to continue to chase after it even though you cant see it; is what makes it obtainable.

Keep chasing the wind; keep feeling it; the more you feel the more you desire and the more you desire the more you make moves towards the wind.

Whatever your wind is metaphorically speraking; DONT GIVE UP, ITS COMING AND IT'S THERE.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Only 3 days since my surgery

Im sitting here in pain and it is very difficult to type right now but I must confess how powerful God is. On Tuesday September 15, 2009 I had a tumor removed; I was diagnosed a few months ago with Dermofibrosarcoma Protuberans commonly referred to as DSFP; its a rare Cancer that comes in the Muscle and Bones. Well, on Tuesday I stayed in the OR for 8 hours; I went through 3 surgeries within that time to remove the Tumor' in order to remove it good tissue surrounding had to be removed to; each time I went under the knife; each piece was sent to the Lab to determine if all the Cancer was removed; well it took three tries to remove the Cancer and on the Third try, the lab report showed no more Cancer Tissue.

While I was in that OR, all I could manage to think about was God; I talked to God; I didnt say much but I recall saying God I need your help to get through this; this is painful, give me strength; I remember this because at one point I FELT MYSELF BEING CUT ON. I also remember lifting my hand up in reverance to God; all I could do to keep from screaming was just think of him; say the name of Jesus, i had nothing particular to say i was in so much pain but i know that God knew what exactly eacg word i did utter meant and after the third time the doctor came in to cut me; i said Lord please let that be it, no more, I cant no more.

And God answered my prayer because the Doctors returned and this time it was too close me up with stitches; I layed there as the Doctor put three layers of stitches in me and all I could do is Thank God for giving me that moment of peace; I was in pain but I knew that God knew that it was all I could bear.

God said that he would not put on us more than we can bear; I love God,we must remember that every experience in life is not to break us but to strengthen us; God is always our present help and if you cant managed to say much just call his name he will know the rest; he knows; he's there and he loves us all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faith Test

Have you ever had your faith Tested? or at least that is what it feels like. Can faith be tested? Sure it can; its tested all the time. I believe as long as we live; faith will be tested. Whats the test? Life. Everything that takes place in our lives shapes us; helps to develop us. Just like any test there is always time for preparation and their's a Teacher guiding us. Trying hard to put in us everything that they have; so that we too can gain this knowledge and be successful. The Teacher knows there will be a test; the Teacher knows that some will pass on the first try and some will need to retest after a quick review.

There will also be those who give up because they feel its to hard to continue; some will never get it or master the class nor the test. Some will struggle in the beginning and when it seems like they will fail; they will get it and pass the test and maybe the class. There will always be students who try and try and never get it; but the Teacher does not give up on him/her because the Teacher sees the diligence in the student. The Teacher knows that this student does not want to fail. So, the Teacher puts in a little extra time working with this student before and after class.

This is the reason the Teacher became a Teacher; for this student; the one who tries harder each time he or she fails because he/she wants to succeed. The student knows she/he struggles, sometimes the student is embarassed, sometimes the student wants to quit, sometimes the student wants to agree with what everyone else believes about him/her but there is something inside that wont let that happen and the Teacher pushes him or her so gently, the Teacher encourages the student to be the best student he/she can be. The Teacher knows that its hard for the student; the Teacher realizes the student has struggled for so long; so it will take some time and hardwork to get the student halfway to where he/she needs to be; but this is why the Teacher became a Teacher in the first place.

The student sees that tthe Teacher cares and this is reason enough to try; when the student tries and fails; the student is heartbroken and the Teacher is more heartbroken for the student because the Teacher knows that the student wants this more than anything. The Teacher tells the student where he/she went wrong and they take out the book and study all the notes and the Teacher presents the student with new problems and old ones; showing the student techniques for solving the problem; while at the same time taking the student bak to the book; because in the book is where the answers are; the book is the students guide and if the student studies the techniques of the book; when the test come he/she will understand the problems and recall what he/she studied and know how to answer.

The Teacher reminds the student that if he/she apply what he/she has learned enough times; he/she will get it and the next time a challenging problem/question comes along; he'll know how to work it out and if he get enough right each time , he/she is destined to pass the test and maybe even the class.

The Teacher also reminds the student never give up, never quit because the Teacher will not give up on him/her.

This story is about Faith, trials,test that come in life that are challenging.However, we must know that we have a Teacher that cares about us and will not give up on us; we just have to not give up on ourselves. The Lord is our Teacher; the bible is our study guide; there are so manythings in the bible that teaches us how to deal with our everyday challenges; we must study for the test. We have to know too that God knows that we are not perfect; yet he still loves us enough to stand by us; the more we try the closer we become to being more like the Teacher.

If your faith is being tested right now just remember the Teacher knew that the student would have along way to go because the student had strugglerd for so long, but the Teacher would not forget that student; in fact the Teacher marvelled at the fact that this student failed so much but tried even harder.

God loves us and wants the best for us thats why he sent his son to die for us; but before he died; he taught and he left us an guide to study and live by.Dont beat up on yourself; if you have fallen, get up and remember, the student is a student for a reason; so thathe/she can learn. Put your self into the role of the student and seek the Teacher so that you may learn.

Lord, I know that you supply all; you are all that we need. I ask that you continue to bless each person that is touched by the words of wisdom that you give. I thank you for being the Teacher and never given up on us, on me. I thankyou for loving each of us despite ourselves. You are our Teacher, our friend and our Lord. Thankyou for your guidance and your wisdom so that we all may know the peace which you give to us freely. Lord continue to rest, rule and abide with us for all the days of our life.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Dont give up

Never give up, never give in. God is too Good for us to do this. No matter how hard times get; know that we believe in and serve a great God. I dont care if you feel like things are too bad; they could always be worse and God is always on time. he is a great God, a on time God. I just want you to be encouraged. Chat soon

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Many people are going through so much; especially in their minds and God says there will be peace; sometimes when life comes upon us like a flood, we cant see peace, smell peace or even conceive that there is such a thing. I am here to tell you; I have been there and we all experience this but God says peace be still.

To be still is to hold; stand, withstand, stop; dont move, stay, KEEP.If you need peace God has the answer.

Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God. The peace of God, which passeth all undserstanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Phillipians 4:6-7

God has the perfect peace for us through his son christ Jesus and thats who we must pull on for our strength.

How are you today?

How are you today?

I want yyou to consider that question and answer honestly. Wherever you are in your heart thats where you are...dont let your head control your heart. The word says out of the heart flows the issues of life. I want you to know that God is in conntol of all things and that no matter what you are feeling today; God is faithful and peace always come in the morning.

I have has some troubling times lately but God ; is still faithful and I faith God(I trust God). Are you trusting God today....if not..its not to late. You opened your eyes this morning and when you went to sleep last night you closed your eyes trusting that you would see today.

So, who was in control of your destiny to see today? God was and always God in all matters of your life; give all troubles over to GOD.

If you have a headache; give it to God
If your bills are due; Give it to God
If the kids are out of control; Give them to God

What I am saying is trust God to be able to take care of it all; we must not worry over things we cant control anyway. Jesus said I have overcome the world; so know that however you are today there is a tomorrow and if today is your final tomorrow then stop worryiing get on with living so that those who come behind you find you faithful.

Have Faith is to trust God...dont give up or give in to the cloudiness of your mind or the issues of your heart..Give in to God and Give up your problems to God. He will do as he promise..all we must do is believe.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Admin OptionsEdit Post Add Tags
Delete Post Edit Blog Posts I just want to encourage everyone to trust God; no matter how grim or dead a situation looks; its not. As long as we are still breathing; God is still working with us and for us. Dont look at your situation; pleave what God says. God says "I want to prosper you as your soul prospers". As we go through our days, lets remember that each day is a new mercy and each day is another chance to grow, to seek and acknowledge the things that which are God.

My biggest urgence to everyone is to change your thinking; stop thinking so much; the enemy wants to keep your mind busy so that you can not see; yes, I said enemy because its real and if you want the enemy to release your money, your family, your dreams, your prosperity; you have to make him give it back because its not his anyway.

Everything under the heavens belong to God and no one can take what God has given; they can try,it may seems like they won; but my faith tells me that the promises of God is true. Have faith, faith walks and it talks, it shake hands, it writes proposals, it goes to banks for loans in a recession, it starts a business in a recession,it marries when mom and dad did not, Faith moves from glory to glory.



Who am I , a woman of God, a minister, a healer, a intercessor, a servant, a child of God. I am no one more than who God says I am and above all of these I am alive because of Gods unconditional love for me. I am free and I just want to share freedom with you.

Come out of the prisons of your minds, dont let the enemy catch you sleep; the word says a man without vision perish. The enemy wants to keep you for seeing and believing.

Open your eyes and live in destiny; we are God's Purpose and God is ours.

I love you, thats all I have to share because the Lord said thats it.

In Peace , Power and prosperity

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Let's talk Suicide

I have an overwhelming feeling that today; we need to address suicide. I am not going to be all super religious about this topic; because suicide is just as real as the American dream. Apart of my testimony is that I use to be suicidal for years. From age 13-25; thats along time to be confused and in bondage to deceit, hurt and distrust. I know that in these times we are often taught to keep alot of things hidden; dont display vulnerability. Sometimes people dont actually say thisto us; its the things that happen to us; that indirectly tells us not to show weakness or a need for help.

I say the devil is a liar! God says that his strength is made perfect in our weakness. Never, allow anything or anyone to convince you that you have to cover up what you feel. If you dont get those things that hurt out; they began to kill yoy from the inside out and it begans to fester over into your heart, your mind and no doubtly your actions. Free your mind!

If you are hurting , have disappointments express them; talk to a friend, go to a parent,a teacher, a sibling, Pastor; most importantly talk to God. God can change lives; I am a witness that prayer helps; it works. If you have to get a journal write your feelings down; label your journal,Letters to God and when you write these letters you are sharing your feelings with God and leave them there. Dont go back and read the letter because all you are doing is putting back in what you just put out; gave to God.

Never hold your hurt in; these feelings of loneliness , confusion, neglect, abuse, disappointment are real and if you dont acknowledge them they set up a secret bootcamp and you can spend years in combat with them. I suffered from this until; I finally ask God to free me; I had to be free; I couldnt spend the rest of my life feeling like I wanted to die every other day.

There had to be a purpose for my life because for over 12 years of attempts they all failed; my God, my God, definitely had a plan for me and he has one for you, I dont know if you are feeling this are someone you know; but it is time to release this bondage; we will no longer allow the enemy to control what God never gave him control over; our lives; God is the Beginning and the end theirfore all things begin with him and ends with him. Everything in between is to be lived knowing that God is in control of it all including our lives.

We will leave and not die; we will have the victory! I want you to know that the day I gave my life to God on my 25th birthday; I never ever suffered with suicidal thoughts or attempts. I have been hurt since then, mistreated, left and neglected; but, I know that God loves me and he always take care of me. I know God's love so in those times; thats what I leanon. God's unconditionally love. God loves you outrageously! No matter what you are, what you did, who you did, what you have or dont have. God loves you despite of your not loving yourself. God can teach you how to love yourself and when he does you can tell someone else how God didthat for you.

I did not wake up and say I am not going to kill myself onmy own; I was suicidal all my life at that point; hurt and pain thats what I knew. God did it; his peace did it; see he said when you give your life to him you are born again; you become a new creature; his holyspirit lives in you and when that happens you began to change in ways you never though; your desires change and for me the desire to kill my self changed.

I started to learn of a love that loved me when I paid it no attention; I started to hear that God said I was more than a conqueror and that if any man be in christ is a new creatue;old things are pass away; behold all things become new; that told me that that girl from before was gone. I had to walk in my new because that was my chance I had been longing for.

I enourage you; if you do not know christ; to seek him and if you want to know christ right now and to receive him in your life; say this prayer with me:

Lord, I ask that you come into my life
my heart as my shepherd, my Lord and
my saviour, I ask that you forgive me
of all my sins; I repent Lord
one by one. In Jesus Name Amen!

Welcome Home! I urge you to find a covering; a church that is bible taught so that you can began to develop your relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to be under a Pastor for protection, nurturing and elevation. I pray that you seek this. As, you began your new journey; there will be difficult times; but there will be some amazing blessings to come especially out of those difficult times. You can always come here to this blog and as I grow; we grow. If you have any questions, comments are prayer request; always contact me by clicking on comments.

I pray for everyone; even if you never make a comment because i know there are persons who view this blog and never sign in as a follower or they follow me privately; thats fine. I just want to be a blessing; I pray for each of you; however, if you need to connect with me directly leave a comment.

Remember, when we have to ask God for forgiveness and God gives it freely, then forgive those who hurt you and please forgive yourself.

I love you!

For your Study and strengthening
1 Corinthinians 14:33
2 Corinthians 5: 17 -19
2 Corinthians 12:9
Galatians 5:1
Ephesians 4:31-32

Monday, June 1, 2009

Scripture of the Week

Today's Verse:
For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
2nd Corinthians 5:21 / KJV

God loved us this much that he would allowed perfection to be killed for us; how many people do you know that would die for you and if they would; do you think they would do it without second thought. If they could they'll try to save themselves and you too but they probably would have a second thought about just outright dying.

Jesus didnt; he welcomed it; God allowed it; he did it so we could have a chance to receive a blessing from God. He did and God set it up; so God wanted us for himself; he had to send perfection in the world; to show us all the possibilities of what could be birthed in our lives; if we only chose him.


A little about Me

I love you all in Christ Jesus!You are blessing me; I pray that this blog is more than just a blog to you because it is not just. It is God's love for you; he uses me to encourage you and I pray that he is pleased with me. Its never me; but all of God. I am just a young woman he loves God and wants to spread that Love to all of you; so that you know that you are not in it by yourself.

Briefly, I will tell you; I was not raised in the church, didnt know any gospel songs and still dont know those old hymns. I never blessed my food before I ate; I never woke in the morning saying, Oh haulelujah, thank you Jesus.

I was raised differently, my mother spoke of God; but we had no intimacy with God; we read the bible I remember on stormy nights, went to church a few times. I am saying, I didnt know God, to tell you the truth I was an angry child, so I had beef with God growing up because of the turmoil in my young life. However, I knew there was something bigger than me; Im inquisitive so I asked all those how and why questions. I looked and the sky and wondered; hmmmmmmm how?

Well, I foundout 6 years why and how and whom was responsible. I even learned the reason for my turmoil and still learning; I on my 25th Birthday gave my life to God and I have not looked back since. I am not saying I havent fallen in these 6 years some old habits were easier to break than others; but God loves to step in and pull out the ragedy. He has continued to pull out the old and put in the new.

I know a few Gospel songs now, I praise God more today than yesterdays past, I have learned what prayer, praise and worship are. I now tell others about God even my Mom and Dad; who didnt really teach me about God. I know God and the same person who was upset with God; now reverance God. I use to walk out a room when people would start to talk about him; I didnt want to be bothered; he I thought didnt care enough or why. So, I didnt care about him.

But there is a God, who loves, his mercy covers a multitude of sins; he forgave my mercy and like the shepherd leaves his flock to go after the one sheep; Jesus came looking for me at age 24 and I ignored but I felt something and a few months later after saying yes, Lord I here you; please forgive me for all the times I was mad at you; I repent Lord for my sins, please come into my life; I want you as my Lord. Thank you for wanting me. That ws the best birthday ever, I was born that day; I was a 25 year old baby in christ and I felt good to say God Im sorry and God began to put me in his hands and he took me like clay and he has been shaping me since. I know that the molding will not end as long as I am here on earth; I am not perfect; never will be in this life; but in the next; everything and every body will be perfect.

So, I have joy knowing that if I close my eyes tonight and Gods perfect rest overtake my physical body that there is a Perfect me to come and the clay has taken form. I didnt know God and for years didnt want to; Im being honest. I was a young girl mad at the world, my cards were not a good hand; but God had a different plan that I would become a different a different woman.

The woman would be different from the girl; the girl would die at 25 and the woman would be born and this woman would seek a new life, confused, with little to no understanding; but every day her heart would grow; a new flutter would stir inside and still being inquisitive she would seek more and the more she sought the more she fell in love with the Christ and the Father, the more she desired to be in this new family.

No longer the same; day by day becoming new, taking milestones, going through the ages and stages of development as a newborn then a toddler, now a adolescent knowing that full maturity will come in heaven; because as long as I breathe; God will still be working on me. But, this woman is willing, willing to at 3:45 a.m. to be sitting at the computer encouraging you; willingly to serve God by serving you.

I use to be suicidal from age 13-24;I use to wonder why my plan never succeeded; now I know God had a plan for me that during my despair and lack of wisdom and understanding; I could not see. Now, I know that God's plan should always be my prayer. Thank you, is always on my lips and in my heart because God said you will live and not die; I know the plans that I have for you. He kept me alive;12 years of trying to end my life and God kept me for this moment and I bless him for it.

The day I gave my life to God; I never had another suicide thought and I thank God; God gave my mind peace and my heart heals everyday; the scars vanish daily; God's peace is perfect. Weeping last for a night but joy comes in the morning. Please, I beg you dont give up; God loves you; he has a plan; a perfect plan. No weapon formed against me shall prosper; you should always speak that; God has it;the weapons will form but they will not prosper.

Okay, I said this was going to be brief but the holyspirit has its way; this is brief really because this is not the tip of my testimony but I just felt I should share with you today.

I love you!

Ripped, Scratched and All!

Hello Beautiful Blessed people of God. Do you know how blessed you are; Let me tell you. Your eyes are reading this message; your hands are working the keyboard,your mind is operating; you can put a finger under your nose and feel air. You are alive and You are blessed. What an awesome testimony you have in just these things. God chose to speak life into your lungs and limbs for another day. Someone, Bless the Lord right now for being able to think about walking and your legs move.

Lord, Bless your name. Haulelujah!
I pray in the name of Jesus that where ever he leads this topic that I am obedient and that you are obedient and receive a blessing too; as these words ripped and scratched blessed my spirit tonight. Amen.

I know you looked at the title and I cant take credit for it it was given to my Pastor at night church; and it was his sermon message. However, God put it in my heart to come here and be a witness of the word that he put in the mouth of the prophet and I will allow God to do with it as he will. I felt I should use these words as our topic today;in this time our world is facing some storms; we all have some bruises, scratches, rips and tears in our lives.

They may be current or past; but they are there. I thank GOD for what he is doing for us all even in these times; God is still blessing us in what we feel are the worst times of our lives. See, nothing under the heavens is new to God because before he created the world; it was in his hands just waiting on him to call it forth.

We have to trust that the promises that God has given us; God will and has already called it forth; we have to trust that they will come forth; no matter what the rips, or scratches look like.

If the enemy ripped you from your family; God says that he is a restorer and he will restore your family. How, do I know that? Because God said let there be light AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT; so,if God can just say something and it happens; I know that God said he wants to prosper me as my soul prosper; the blessing comes after God speaks it and God spoke it long , long ago and I have witnessed it in my life and others; God is not a liar.

God says I will give you the desires of your heart; regardless of what you see; I said "I" will give you.

I know that we have situations that are ragedy; but Jesus deals with ragedy stuff and ragedy people.

He does not run from it; though he sleighs me yet will I trust him; make that a confession. That's personal.

Sometimes we have to wrap our minds around the fact that we need the ragedy to appreciate the blessing that God has for us; see, if we didnt have the rips or the scratches; would we pray; would we learn how to pray; would we instantly know God; would we accept the Lord as our savior.

I mean thats real; I dont think that I would know God the way I do know without my bruises, my falls, my self inflicted mistakes; because truth be told I caused alot of things on my own; however, and BUT there is a God that Loves me and Loves you that says no matter the cause I'll handle the affects.No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

The way the Lord handles the affects of the rips and the scratches is by allowing it to touch our hearts to the point that we become yeilded before him and when we yeild(stop) the Lord can began.

The promises have be spoken; in the beginning God knew the plans he had for you; before he created the dirt from which man was created and the rib from which woman was delivered; God knew and his knowing was perfect then and its perfect now. So, I encourage you to yeild your self(stop)and allow God to do what he planned for you before a dream knew it was a dream.

Yes, you have bruises, you have seen storms, your knees are bloody from the fall,but God says get up and know that I have you; ripped, scratched and all. "I".

I know that your situations are real; I am not discounting that; but what I am saying; is count on God and speak life(good) over your situations; God can do what he said, he has been blessing us since before birth. Things happen to elevate us, sometimes we have to go through a storm to get out the boat but guess what, my brothers and sisters. When we get out that boat we have confidence because; we know that the Lord has already walked on water;so its blesses and though we dont see him in our flesh we know that he is there in our spirit and his presence on that water is our life jacket.

So, We will survive the storm, and we will get out the boat.

We will get some rips, some scratches, but God says I got you. If you need an example of God having your back; catch a glimpse of a cross; a man, arms stretched, nails in hands, nails in feet, pierced in his sides; thorns penetrating his skull; with a will, a plan for you, a love for you, stretched boldly under the heavens saying " I told you I got you".

That was Jesus on the cross for me, for you, for the world, it was His plan, nothing happens without cause. God has a purpose for it all and there is a deliverance, a new thing, a rebirth, a blessing that follows a crucifixion.

Your dreams seem crucified, your hope has been nailed, your heart has been pierced but on the third day they did not find this man's body in a tomb;because God had a plan that this must happen to get to the new revelation, this must take place to birth new hope, this must happen so they will not die, this must happen so they know who has the control, this must happen so that they understand the difference between my will and theirs.

See, man's will (desire) was to kill Jesus, but God's will was to heal man. So, he allowed it because he planned it; he knew the end of the story.How great is God's love to love the very one's that plotted and killed his perfect son. That's love! God had to have a plan; he allowed it. For me and For you.

He knew this man; they call Jesus was His PLAN AND HIS PLAN WAS PERFECT and he sent him and that he was not JUST a man but the Savior of the world, Lord to those who killed him and later chose him; he knew;it was planned.

Face your fears knowing that on the third day that Jesus was not in the grave; God had raised him and in that death of the man; the Saviour was born and the sinful, could now be redeemed and understand that you make fall, you may suffer, but your rips, your scratches are perfect; every line because God has a plan. Haulelujah!

Yes, nails, piercing, mocking, it was painful, the cross it was heavy, but God says he will not put more on us than we can bare; take this encouragement knowing that with your scratches, rips and all. God said it is so and it will be; because he has a perfect plan for you and me.God knows the end to the story. Trust him!

God in the name of Jesus; I pray for your child here now reading this
will be blessed, whatever, they are going through; open up their hearts and minds to
your truth. Faith, will be strengthen today, Homes will be restored, Jobs will be revived, Children will be seen as a blessing, Bodies will be healed, hope will transcend all understanding, Peace will rest within us all. I thank you God for your presence, your truth and your wisdom, thank you for the rips, the scratches, the storms and the RESURRECTION. Thank you Lord for your mercy, thank you for favor, thank you for changing our outcome. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

I want to give you all a word of encouragement this morning. Do not forget who is in control; God hand is always upon you. Remember Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,to those who are the called according to his purpose.

Your question may be; how do I know I am called?

You are apart of the fellowship of believers and you are called;God predestined you from birth; you were chosen before the womb. So, know that God has kept you in the begiinning and he keeps you now. His hand is always upon you. Lean not to your own understanding. God's ways are a mystery for a reason; we can not began to comprehend the greatness that God has for our lives; but know that you are called and you have a purpose. So, I encourage you to live a Purpose filled life chasing after God's Perfect will.

I love you!
God Bless

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I pray....

Lord, I pray against the spirit of depression and suicide; you say we will live and not die; you have reconciled us to you; you have created in us new creatures. We will live and not die. I pray that no weapon formed against any of your children will not prosper. God, cover your children with your fresh mercy day to day; give them joy and peace in there hearts; let them be reminded of your grace and love for them. Help them to be patient in affliction, joyful in hope and faithful in prayer. Give them the spirit of peace; let joy overflow in their hearts. God, if its in your will send them an angel to whisper a word of peace be still.In Jesus name Amen!

YOU WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pray.....

My Lord God, I ask that every reader of this blog be blessed by your presence and your grace. Let us all be not just hearers of the word but doers of your word. Teach us to be submissive to your will, Lord. God, I thank you in advance for healing, blessings overflowing. I thank you for peace, I thank you for spiritual wisdom in each life that reads this prayer. I thank you God for waking us all up this morning; thank you for air, for sunshine and rain. I thank you for growth and prosperity; I thank you for the soulds that will be delivered by your word and the testimony of the sacrifice. I thank you for the spirit of real. God you know the personal prayers of all here; I ask that there prayers be answered; according to your will to do so. I ask that you continue to teach us how to pray to you in thanksgiving and worship. I thank you for grace and mercy. Your love is sufficient; thank you God for using this platform to witness to your people; thank you for blessing us all one by one. Its in your son Jesus name Amen!

Scripture of the Week

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. There are alot of distractions in the world today;that can hinder the spirit of God in our lives if we are not careful. We have to ask God for discernment to recognize these things. Also, we have to be mature enough to know what not to allow in our lives as hinderances. We have to line our hearts and minds up with the word of God at all times.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in the midst of gossip, negative thoughts and conversations; we have to remove ourselves from these things because they are distractions to hinder the spirt in your life. Fear, is a hinderance, discouragement, disobedience; sometimes disobedience is not necessarily in our actions but it can be in our thought life. God has given us the anecdote to these things in his word; he says think on the things which are pure and good, praise worthy and admirable. It sounds to me that our thoughts are just important as our actions.

What must realize that what we put into ourselves is what comes out of us. We must watch the words of our mouth; what we speak; what conversations we listen to and engage in; gossip,lust,fear,disobedience, doubts; watching negative movies,reading content that is hindering and blocking the good things that God has for us, stubborness, arrogance, pride.. We have to pray daily, repent daily, praise God daily; ask the holy spirit for guidance. These things will help us when those things that surround us in the world tries to get close to us.

God has given us the Holy Spirit as a guide; a teacher; ask for direction and strength to be an overcomer. We can overcome negative thinking through Christ who strengthens us. ROMANS 12:1-2 says that we have to present our bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is our reasonable service; do not be conformed to this world but be you transformed by the renewing our your mind.

The Holy spirit reeducates us and renews our minds; however, we have to be obedient to the holy spirit and not hinder the spirit by feeding ourselves the wrong things. Watch what you put into yourself and never forget to ask the Holy Spirit for help;God gave us the spirit to teach, comfort and direct us.
God wants the best for us and he wants to give us his promises; his word is the truth and the way to eternal life; before we can get to the heavenly Kingdom; we have to continue with Kingdom living here on earth.

Examine what you are putting into your mind and replace harmful things with good wholesome material. Remember whats in you come out; ask God to help you focus your mind on what is good and pure. It takes practice; but it will happen because all things are possible through Christ Jesus.

I trust God that this word will bless you; because God is the author and the finisher.
I love you and I thank God for your overcoming.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Scripture of the week

ROMANS 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Use this verse as a guide to get through your day, your night, your life. There will definitely be strife in our life but God says that after you have suffered a while (been patient) then will he bless you.

Keep this in your heart and your days shall be full of joy.

I love you and Christ loves you more.


The Perfect Will/Ambassadors for the KINGDOM: Reflections of a PSALM

The Perfect Will/Ambassadors for the KINGDOM: Reflections of a PSALM

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John 16:30

Hello Family,

Today, all I want to share with you is this.........YOU ARE NOT DEFEATED!

No matter what is going on with you God has already overcome the world for you. No matter what it looks like or what people say Jesus defeated the world on your behalf.

John 16:30 "I have told you these things; so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Notice the quotations; these are Jesus words; no one witness them for him; he spoke these words to us from his mouth, his word, all we have to do is trust God. Trust!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reflections of a PSALM


The Lord is my Sherpherd
I shall be in want
He makes me to lie down
in green pastures
he leads me beside quiet waters
he restores my soul
He guides me in a path of righteousness
for his name sake
Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
for you are with me
your rod and
your staff they comfort me
You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies
you annoint my head with oil
my cup overflows
Surely goodness and love
will follow me
all the days of my life
and I will dwell
in the houseof the Lord
All I can say is that is enough for me; as I write this scripture out; I am hearing it at the same time and it has touch apart of my soul that I nevr knew exists; God is a caring shepherd and a dependable guide; He is our only hope for eternal life and security. Life is unertain but we have the guidance of a Good Shepherd to comfort us; if we follow God through obedience we will know the comfort of the green pastures and the quiet waters. I believe we must believe this when we are tempted to go our own way.15 minutes left to edit your comment.

Friday, April 10, 2009



In these verses God is speaking to us about holy living and not living by our desires; our lustful desires; God has called us to live holy and honorable unto him as the scriptures says in verse 4:4-5 "that each of you should learn to control his own body, in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust, like the heathen, who do not know God."(NIV)

Who is God speaking to; he is speaking to all that believes that he is GOD,those who know him. God is requiring(not asking), commanding that we die to our flesh and that we live holy unto him; submitting ourselves to his will and the scripture tells us what his will is. The scripture in verse 4:7-8 "For God did not not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life.Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit." (NIV)

Sexual desires and such activities must be placed under Christ's control, sexual sins can be damaging not only to our physical relationships or bodies but to our spiritual relationship with God and our spiritual growth.God created sex for marriage. Being santified or made holy is the process of living the christian life. God gives us the Holy Spirit to teach us how to become more like Christ; it conforms us into the images of Christ. Are we perfect no, does God expect us to know how to do this on our own, No. God has given us instruction and he has given us the Holy Spirit to help us, guide us

James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should askGod, who gives generously without finding fault, and it will be given to him. verse 6 says " But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt"

We all struggle with things, we all have had to ask God to help us get to that point of Holy and Honorable, but God said it in his word, that all we have to do is ask him and he will help us without counting it against us,on top of that he says he will give it to us, he has in his instructions, through his son, but we have to BELIEVE and not Doubt. If you are struggling with lust, any form of fornication and you want to come out of it, you can ASK GOD, you will IF YOU BELEIVE AND NOT DOUBT.

I urge each of you to yearn to submit your selves under God's loving care; he will take care of you, he will guide you. If you fall, get up, if you slip, jump up and repent and ask God for his guidance and wisdom and when he gives it to you, hear and do it.

Lust can be hard, fornication can be hard(for you) but nothing is too hard for God. God will deliever you out of your enemies hands; if you want it, ask for it. Receive what God has for you, TRUST HIM. Lust will not be allowed to destroy your walk with Christ, God will give you a spiritual break through, all chains of lust will be broken.

Lets pray,

Father, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, we thankyou for breaking the stronghold of lust and fornication, we thankyou for the chains of sexual bondage being broken right now! God you are Soverign, you are all power, God we know that with you we can do all things, We thankyou Jesus for breaking the curses of sexual desires, thank you God for healing and deliverance, we thankyou for your healing waters that washes away all our sins. God, we worship you for who you are in our lives, we thankyou for giving us instructions and making your son a living, walking and breathing sacrifice for us, so that we may be able to know you and have your loving mercy. Thank you Jesus for your mercy, thankyou for the resurrection, we ask you humbly as we know how to help us, strengthen us, we know that we can do all things through you, thankyou for your Blood that washes over our sins and gives us new life, a fresh blessing. It is in Jesus, Mighty and Holy name, Amen!


God Bless you all, if you Believe It you will Receive It!

(Christ ordered Christ ordained and Annointed)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wonders and miracles
say what, say who
Nall, I dont believe that much is true
water into wineis it all true
Girlfriend I thought you knewhe was the one who died for you!
Nall, I dont believe that much is true why would he I wouldnt
Girlfriend I thought you knew that's why GOD chose him and not you!
Say what, Say who He healed people too !they walked, they were able to see
Nall, is this all true
Girlfriend, I thought you knew thats why I am here talkin to you
Say what, Say who are you proclaiming the truth or has some one brain washed you
Girlfriend no, this much is true, I read it this much is true, but I saw it, I see it in you
Say what, say who I am not blind and I can walk and I have no need for no wine
Girlfriend, that may be true, but let me tell you I once was you,
I knew it all,had a rebuttal too
Say what ,say who, say why
Girlfriend, I thought you knew lets see if the answers are birthed in me
Okay you say what, say who, say why
lets see, he died for you, he died for me, so that you may live
Oh by the way,HE LOVES YOU TOO
Say what, Say who
Girlfriend, I thought you knew, his name is JESUS



Five years ago; I got to know you day by day you courted me
You told me you require intimacyI remember thinking that's what boyfriends and girlfriends do
You told me, No my child; that's how things got confused
See intimacy is what I give you I listen to your cries, I wipe your tears, I sit at the foot of your bed and watch you sleep;
when you close your eyes I whisper PEACE........
I hold your hand when you are alone
I brush your hair when you are sickIntimacy is what
I created to be given without conditions
I remember, it so well, when I came into your presence...
I was afraid to mess up, but I did and you told me ,
that it is okay, get up, dust your knees off and let's walk together this time;
dont rush you said; follow my pace
sometimes it takes longer but I will send you grace
I remember feeling like this is the greatest love...
i never known I remember wanting to know but too afraid to fine you on my own;
I remember challenging you, you are God but I was feeling grown. I told you,
I am not going to set my alarm and if you wake me up at eight in the morning,
I would come to your church all aloneWhat did I know...You are GOD...You have all power..
Poor little girl has no clue;
you woke me up at eight for sure and I was like whoa...
because I sleep with two alarms set to go...
I remember at 10:45 a.m. I was at The Love Center ready to hit the do-oh(door)
Oh, How I rejoice, it was five years ago, I am so happy for that day I must say
Who would have thought long ago I would be saved
go to christian clubs and not have a drink
who would have thought it
my favorite hip hop artist is born again just like me and he raps about your grace;
Who would have thought it
that I chill with my girls eating and laughing having a good old time and I would break out in prayer; all to give you praise
Who would have known that one day I would be called to call some others into this grace
I remember it was just five years ago!

I love you Jesus; you are my Lord and Saviour; I WILL BLESS YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES!

Like 19:11-27 Gifts are to be given away!


I want to share with you all, my gift; GOD planted this in me from the beginning of my life and I know now that this gift is to be used for his purpose. We all have gifts that God has put into our being. We call them talents; however thay are gifts from GOD, he chose to give us somethingthat would make us different, make us unique; it sort of defines our relationship with GOD; these gifts are not to be kept to ourselves, they are to be used for his purpose. Our time TALENT and tithes. What is your gift (talent) or you using it for GOD. Dont worry if you are not currently use it, you can, start right now. Who are you to GOD, what defines your relationship. See, in the natural (worlds) we have nicknames for our family members or close friends, these are ways to show affection, intimacy, adoration, how significant that person is to you. Well, do you not realize that nothing is new under the heavens, everything begins and ends with GOD.

My question is who do GOD calls you. Yes, we are all his children, the saved and unsaved, but who are you to GOD, whats your relationship status, do he adorn you by an affectionate nickname. What;s your name, who are you? GOD calls me Poetess/Writer, that's who he made me a Poet; he gave me the gift of words, my talent, I can't sing , I can't dance, I can't play music, but I can speak articulately, I can write, I have a way with words. I can deliver the message through my talent, I can witness through my talent, I can spread the gospel through my words, the words that GOD ordains for me to give unto his children.

It is time to surrender our gifts unto GOD, they were given to us so that we may give them away, to help spread the gospel to the world. Use your gifts for GOD's purpose and God will see that your rivers of talent never goes dry. I ask you what's your gift, now give it away, willingly and in obedience. SURRENDER YOUR GIFTS!

GOD said from the beginning, I will give her the gift of words, her nickname will be POET/POETESS. What's God's affectionate nickname for you; if its comedienne, give it to God; we need gospel filled comediennes to bring it clean and in truth, is it singer, bring the gift of song, is it the gift of nurturer, god may call you Mother, there are children who need you, that has no mother surrender your gifts.

These gifts are for the building of the kingdom; GOD gaves these to us so that we will bring people into salvation; deliverance is for everybody, but not everybody comes to the deliverer on their own; without a witness to bear witness of GOD and his truth.
Luke 19:11-27 (Paraphrasing) Read this passage
Jesus is telling us that we need to use our gifts; use what has been giving to us to build his kingdom; how will you invest what GOD has given you for his purpose. Our purpose is to be used for his purpose, so that means everything we got is to be given to GOD because he gve to us anyway. In this particular passage the king gave three servants his money(gifts) and he told them to go put it to work util he returned, when the king came back onlt two had done what he ask, he blessed according to their own measure, the one who did not do what the king ask, the king was angry with, he gave what he did not reap to the servant who reaped the most. Why was the king angry, well, the servant did not obey him, he did not trust the kings intentions and he only thought about his self, he has no thought for what this would do for the kingdom.

So, what does this have to do with you, us? Jesus is the king, we are the servants, we must obey God by using what he has given us(our gifts) to build the kingdom, Jewsus expects us to use our talents so that they multiply and the kingdom grows.

Are you willingly to use what GOD has give you? Luke 19:11-27 Read it for yourselves; you will be blessed. I want to share my gifts with you. I will share my gifts with you, this is why its 5:46 a.m. and I have not being to sleep and I am writing you this word. I care about the Kingdom, above all I lve GOD and I care about you. Lets get busy!

Gifts are to be given away, that's why they are gifts!

Christ ordered Christ ordained and annointed(CoCoa)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Perfect Peace of GOD

Hello Everyone, it's CoCo. I pray that you all have had a prosperous week thus far; I hope in the Lord that you are at peace with your self, others and whatever life issues that has come your way. You must know that GOD has given you peace; he's given you the victory to overcome; all things are possible through Christ who strengthens you. Did you hear that, Let's say that again together; personalize it with me.

All things are possible through CHRIST who strengthens me. I have the victory; no weapon against me shall prosper. lord I thank you for the battles that are already won Lord.

Say this prayer with me; let's exalt GOD'S name together.

Dear Heavenly Father, you are a loving and merciful GOD; "I LOVE YOU",your strength is perfect in my life.I thank you for your presence in my life, I thank you for giving me this day and giving me the grace to get through today's journey Lord. I thank you for your peace Lord that keeps me faithful and grounded. Lord, you are my air; you are my strength; Lord I ask that you perfect your work in me , through me Lord, I HONOR YOU LORD. You are my strength Lord, I thank you for your perfect peace in imperfect situations Lord. Hallelujah! Lord, I exalt your name Lord, thank you for lifting my burdens Lord, thank you for giving me the victory over all that comes against me. It is because of your strength and mercy that I have peace. Hallelujah!Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Greetings Family and friends!

I was watching the news the other day and of course they were reporting the same news you and I have heard for over a year now. They were speaking on the market crashing, more layoffs on the rise, the unemployment rate soaring. I watched and I felt myself becoming stressed and I too being recently without at my job in such a time as this; I remember looking at the face of those on the broadcast, standing in long lines trying to get work or help. I began to feel ooverwhelmed and it caused me to think about my situation for all of three seconds; before I heard GOD say am I not recession proof.

I remember pausing a second; I smiled and I immediately said "YES GOD YOU ARE". I am someone who trust and believes God at his word; however, upon looking at the news and lisyening to the sorrow in everyone's face and the report; I was about to turn and God says, that there is no shadowing of turning. God is always present in my life, your life. I do realize that what is reported on the news is important; to keep the world informed and we should know what is going on around us. However, we ; especially christians; should not allow what is going on to make us doubt God and his sovereignty. I did not doubt God but I was about to shift my thinking to upset and fear and we all know that Doubt feeds on fear. The funny thing is I had thoughts about stressing over the recession or my lack of job; I had a job for four years with my company; I got promoted 3 times in six months until I was given the top Admininistrative position; all of this was a year after college. When I think I about the things like that I know that God is WORKING THIS OUT.

I have no reason to doubt God; God is ever so present in my life situations; Please if you have been affected by the recession; REMEMBER GOD IS RECESSION PROOF. God has always taken care of his people at the time of famine; without doubt he will do it now. He already has. Ask your self is GOD recession proof? look at your life and examine all the conditions of it; has God not provided; what did he bring you out of last week, last year, yesterday. God is so magnificient; he is not like man that he should lie; his word is true. God will send others to take care of your needs; you will get a job offer you least expect, you will get promoted three times above all of those with seniority after only being on the job 10 months(Halleujah!!!!)

God will provide. You do not have to worry. GOD Got This!!!
As a friend of mine wrote in a poem "look up, that's where your help come from".

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. Philippians 4:6-7

God Bless you all!!!!!