Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Im Back !!!!

Hello Friends, God is doing a great work in me and I know that you have wondered where I was but I am here. I have been recovering from surgery daily. God is good.

I want to encourage you to be a blessing to someone else this season in your life.

The holiday season can be a very exciting time for me and for some its very depressing; some love ones leave us during this time and some are away for awhile or forever. I encourage you today to spread joy to someone else in and out of your personal circle. Encourage yourself.

There is a song that says encourage yourself, speak over your self until your victory is won; encourage yourself in the Lord....

Some people may not know how to do that; if you do show them; give the gift of encouragement this holiday season. Encouragement can simply be a hug or an invitation; not all gifts cause money and the those that come from the heart are the most expensive(valuable).

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