Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faith Test

Have you ever had your faith Tested? or at least that is what it feels like. Can faith be tested? Sure it can; its tested all the time. I believe as long as we live; faith will be tested. Whats the test? Life. Everything that takes place in our lives shapes us; helps to develop us. Just like any test there is always time for preparation and their's a Teacher guiding us. Trying hard to put in us everything that they have; so that we too can gain this knowledge and be successful. The Teacher knows there will be a test; the Teacher knows that some will pass on the first try and some will need to retest after a quick review.

There will also be those who give up because they feel its to hard to continue; some will never get it or master the class nor the test. Some will struggle in the beginning and when it seems like they will fail; they will get it and pass the test and maybe the class. There will always be students who try and try and never get it; but the Teacher does not give up on him/her because the Teacher sees the diligence in the student. The Teacher knows that this student does not want to fail. So, the Teacher puts in a little extra time working with this student before and after class.

This is the reason the Teacher became a Teacher; for this student; the one who tries harder each time he or she fails because he/she wants to succeed. The student knows she/he struggles, sometimes the student is embarassed, sometimes the student wants to quit, sometimes the student wants to agree with what everyone else believes about him/her but there is something inside that wont let that happen and the Teacher pushes him or her so gently, the Teacher encourages the student to be the best student he/she can be. The Teacher knows that its hard for the student; the Teacher realizes the student has struggled for so long; so it will take some time and hardwork to get the student halfway to where he/she needs to be; but this is why the Teacher became a Teacher in the first place.

The student sees that tthe Teacher cares and this is reason enough to try; when the student tries and fails; the student is heartbroken and the Teacher is more heartbroken for the student because the Teacher knows that the student wants this more than anything. The Teacher tells the student where he/she went wrong and they take out the book and study all the notes and the Teacher presents the student with new problems and old ones; showing the student techniques for solving the problem; while at the same time taking the student bak to the book; because in the book is where the answers are; the book is the students guide and if the student studies the techniques of the book; when the test come he/she will understand the problems and recall what he/she studied and know how to answer.

The Teacher reminds the student that if he/she apply what he/she has learned enough times; he/she will get it and the next time a challenging problem/question comes along; he'll know how to work it out and if he get enough right each time , he/she is destined to pass the test and maybe even the class.

The Teacher also reminds the student never give up, never quit because the Teacher will not give up on him/her.

This story is about Faith, trials,test that come in life that are challenging.However, we must know that we have a Teacher that cares about us and will not give up on us; we just have to not give up on ourselves. The Lord is our Teacher; the bible is our study guide; there are so manythings in the bible that teaches us how to deal with our everyday challenges; we must study for the test. We have to know too that God knows that we are not perfect; yet he still loves us enough to stand by us; the more we try the closer we become to being more like the Teacher.

If your faith is being tested right now just remember the Teacher knew that the student would have along way to go because the student had strugglerd for so long, but the Teacher would not forget that student; in fact the Teacher marvelled at the fact that this student failed so much but tried even harder.

God loves us and wants the best for us thats why he sent his son to die for us; but before he died; he taught and he left us an guide to study and live by.Dont beat up on yourself; if you have fallen, get up and remember, the student is a student for a reason; so thathe/she can learn. Put your self into the role of the student and seek the Teacher so that you may learn.

Lord, I know that you supply all; you are all that we need. I ask that you continue to bless each person that is touched by the words of wisdom that you give. I thank you for being the Teacher and never given up on us, on me. I thankyou for loving each of us despite ourselves. You are our Teacher, our friend and our Lord. Thankyou for your guidance and your wisdom so that we all may know the peace which you give to us freely. Lord continue to rest, rule and abide with us for all the days of our life.


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