Monday, June 1, 2009

Ripped, Scratched and All!

Hello Beautiful Blessed people of God. Do you know how blessed you are; Let me tell you. Your eyes are reading this message; your hands are working the keyboard,your mind is operating; you can put a finger under your nose and feel air. You are alive and You are blessed. What an awesome testimony you have in just these things. God chose to speak life into your lungs and limbs for another day. Someone, Bless the Lord right now for being able to think about walking and your legs move.

Lord, Bless your name. Haulelujah!
I pray in the name of Jesus that where ever he leads this topic that I am obedient and that you are obedient and receive a blessing too; as these words ripped and scratched blessed my spirit tonight. Amen.

I know you looked at the title and I cant take credit for it it was given to my Pastor at night church; and it was his sermon message. However, God put it in my heart to come here and be a witness of the word that he put in the mouth of the prophet and I will allow God to do with it as he will. I felt I should use these words as our topic today;in this time our world is facing some storms; we all have some bruises, scratches, rips and tears in our lives.

They may be current or past; but they are there. I thank GOD for what he is doing for us all even in these times; God is still blessing us in what we feel are the worst times of our lives. See, nothing under the heavens is new to God because before he created the world; it was in his hands just waiting on him to call it forth.

We have to trust that the promises that God has given us; God will and has already called it forth; we have to trust that they will come forth; no matter what the rips, or scratches look like.

If the enemy ripped you from your family; God says that he is a restorer and he will restore your family. How, do I know that? Because God said let there be light AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT; so,if God can just say something and it happens; I know that God said he wants to prosper me as my soul prosper; the blessing comes after God speaks it and God spoke it long , long ago and I have witnessed it in my life and others; God is not a liar.

God says I will give you the desires of your heart; regardless of what you see; I said "I" will give you.

I know that we have situations that are ragedy; but Jesus deals with ragedy stuff and ragedy people.

He does not run from it; though he sleighs me yet will I trust him; make that a confession. That's personal.

Sometimes we have to wrap our minds around the fact that we need the ragedy to appreciate the blessing that God has for us; see, if we didnt have the rips or the scratches; would we pray; would we learn how to pray; would we instantly know God; would we accept the Lord as our savior.

I mean thats real; I dont think that I would know God the way I do know without my bruises, my falls, my self inflicted mistakes; because truth be told I caused alot of things on my own; however, and BUT there is a God that Loves me and Loves you that says no matter the cause I'll handle the affects.No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

The way the Lord handles the affects of the rips and the scratches is by allowing it to touch our hearts to the point that we become yeilded before him and when we yeild(stop) the Lord can began.

The promises have be spoken; in the beginning God knew the plans he had for you; before he created the dirt from which man was created and the rib from which woman was delivered; God knew and his knowing was perfect then and its perfect now. So, I encourage you to yeild your self(stop)and allow God to do what he planned for you before a dream knew it was a dream.

Yes, you have bruises, you have seen storms, your knees are bloody from the fall,but God says get up and know that I have you; ripped, scratched and all. "I".

I know that your situations are real; I am not discounting that; but what I am saying; is count on God and speak life(good) over your situations; God can do what he said, he has been blessing us since before birth. Things happen to elevate us, sometimes we have to go through a storm to get out the boat but guess what, my brothers and sisters. When we get out that boat we have confidence because; we know that the Lord has already walked on water;so its blesses and though we dont see him in our flesh we know that he is there in our spirit and his presence on that water is our life jacket.

So, We will survive the storm, and we will get out the boat.

We will get some rips, some scratches, but God says I got you. If you need an example of God having your back; catch a glimpse of a cross; a man, arms stretched, nails in hands, nails in feet, pierced in his sides; thorns penetrating his skull; with a will, a plan for you, a love for you, stretched boldly under the heavens saying " I told you I got you".

That was Jesus on the cross for me, for you, for the world, it was His plan, nothing happens without cause. God has a purpose for it all and there is a deliverance, a new thing, a rebirth, a blessing that follows a crucifixion.

Your dreams seem crucified, your hope has been nailed, your heart has been pierced but on the third day they did not find this man's body in a tomb;because God had a plan that this must happen to get to the new revelation, this must take place to birth new hope, this must happen so they will not die, this must happen so they know who has the control, this must happen so that they understand the difference between my will and theirs.

See, man's will (desire) was to kill Jesus, but God's will was to heal man. So, he allowed it because he planned it; he knew the end of the story.How great is God's love to love the very one's that plotted and killed his perfect son. That's love! God had to have a plan; he allowed it. For me and For you.

He knew this man; they call Jesus was His PLAN AND HIS PLAN WAS PERFECT and he sent him and that he was not JUST a man but the Savior of the world, Lord to those who killed him and later chose him; he knew;it was planned.

Face your fears knowing that on the third day that Jesus was not in the grave; God had raised him and in that death of the man; the Saviour was born and the sinful, could now be redeemed and understand that you make fall, you may suffer, but your rips, your scratches are perfect; every line because God has a plan. Haulelujah!

Yes, nails, piercing, mocking, it was painful, the cross it was heavy, but God says he will not put more on us than we can bare; take this encouragement knowing that with your scratches, rips and all. God said it is so and it will be; because he has a perfect plan for you and me.God knows the end to the story. Trust him!

God in the name of Jesus; I pray for your child here now reading this
will be blessed, whatever, they are going through; open up their hearts and minds to
your truth. Faith, will be strengthen today, Homes will be restored, Jobs will be revived, Children will be seen as a blessing, Bodies will be healed, hope will transcend all understanding, Peace will rest within us all. I thank you God for your presence, your truth and your wisdom, thank you for the rips, the scratches, the storms and the RESURRECTION. Thank you Lord for your mercy, thank you for favor, thank you for changing our outcome. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen!

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