Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I pray.....

My Lord God, I ask that every reader of this blog be blessed by your presence and your grace. Let us all be not just hearers of the word but doers of your word. Teach us to be submissive to your will, Lord. God, I thank you in advance for healing, blessings overflowing. I thank you for peace, I thank you for spiritual wisdom in each life that reads this prayer. I thank you God for waking us all up this morning; thank you for air, for sunshine and rain. I thank you for growth and prosperity; I thank you for the soulds that will be delivered by your word and the testimony of the sacrifice. I thank you for the spirit of real. God you know the personal prayers of all here; I ask that there prayers be answered; according to your will to do so. I ask that you continue to teach us how to pray to you in thanksgiving and worship. I thank you for grace and mercy. Your love is sufficient; thank you God for using this platform to witness to your people; thank you for blessing us all one by one. Its in your son Jesus name Amen!

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