Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Like 19:11-27 Gifts are to be given away!


I want to share with you all, my gift; GOD planted this in me from the beginning of my life and I know now that this gift is to be used for his purpose. We all have gifts that God has put into our being. We call them talents; however thay are gifts from GOD, he chose to give us somethingthat would make us different, make us unique; it sort of defines our relationship with GOD; these gifts are not to be kept to ourselves, they are to be used for his purpose. Our time TALENT and tithes. What is your gift (talent) or you using it for GOD. Dont worry if you are not currently use it, you can, start right now. Who are you to GOD, what defines your relationship. See, in the natural (worlds) we have nicknames for our family members or close friends, these are ways to show affection, intimacy, adoration, how significant that person is to you. Well, do you not realize that nothing is new under the heavens, everything begins and ends with GOD.

My question is who do GOD calls you. Yes, we are all his children, the saved and unsaved, but who are you to GOD, whats your relationship status, do he adorn you by an affectionate nickname. What;s your name, who are you? GOD calls me Poetess/Writer, that's who he made me a Poet; he gave me the gift of words, my talent, I can't sing , I can't dance, I can't play music, but I can speak articulately, I can write, I have a way with words. I can deliver the message through my talent, I can witness through my talent, I can spread the gospel through my words, the words that GOD ordains for me to give unto his children.

It is time to surrender our gifts unto GOD, they were given to us so that we may give them away, to help spread the gospel to the world. Use your gifts for GOD's purpose and God will see that your rivers of talent never goes dry. I ask you what's your gift, now give it away, willingly and in obedience. SURRENDER YOUR GIFTS!

GOD said from the beginning, I will give her the gift of words, her nickname will be POET/POETESS. What's God's affectionate nickname for you; if its comedienne, give it to God; we need gospel filled comediennes to bring it clean and in truth, is it singer, bring the gift of song, is it the gift of nurturer, god may call you Mother, there are children who need you, that has no mother surrender your gifts.

These gifts are for the building of the kingdom; GOD gaves these to us so that we will bring people into salvation; deliverance is for everybody, but not everybody comes to the deliverer on their own; without a witness to bear witness of GOD and his truth.
Luke 19:11-27 (Paraphrasing) Read this passage
Jesus is telling us that we need to use our gifts; use what has been giving to us to build his kingdom; how will you invest what GOD has given you for his purpose. Our purpose is to be used for his purpose, so that means everything we got is to be given to GOD because he gve to us anyway. In this particular passage the king gave three servants his money(gifts) and he told them to go put it to work util he returned, when the king came back onlt two had done what he ask, he blessed according to their own measure, the one who did not do what the king ask, the king was angry with, he gave what he did not reap to the servant who reaped the most. Why was the king angry, well, the servant did not obey him, he did not trust the kings intentions and he only thought about his self, he has no thought for what this would do for the kingdom.

So, what does this have to do with you, us? Jesus is the king, we are the servants, we must obey God by using what he has given us(our gifts) to build the kingdom, Jewsus expects us to use our talents so that they multiply and the kingdom grows.

Are you willingly to use what GOD has give you? Luke 19:11-27 Read it for yourselves; you will be blessed. I want to share my gifts with you. I will share my gifts with you, this is why its 5:46 a.m. and I have not being to sleep and I am writing you this word. I care about the Kingdom, above all I lve GOD and I care about you. Lets get busy!

Gifts are to be given away, that's why they are gifts!

Christ ordered Christ ordained and annointed(CoCoa)

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