Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Five years ago; I got to know you day by day you courted me
You told me you require intimacyI remember thinking that's what boyfriends and girlfriends do
You told me, No my child; that's how things got confused
See intimacy is what I give you I listen to your cries, I wipe your tears, I sit at the foot of your bed and watch you sleep;
when you close your eyes I whisper PEACE........
I hold your hand when you are alone
I brush your hair when you are sickIntimacy is what
I created to be given without conditions
I remember, it so well, when I came into your presence...
I was afraid to mess up, but I did and you told me ,
that it is okay, get up, dust your knees off and let's walk together this time;
dont rush you said; follow my pace
sometimes it takes longer but I will send you grace
I remember feeling like this is the greatest love...
i never known I remember wanting to know but too afraid to fine you on my own;
I remember challenging you, you are God but I was feeling grown. I told you,
I am not going to set my alarm and if you wake me up at eight in the morning,
I would come to your church all aloneWhat did I know...You are GOD...You have all power..
Poor little girl has no clue;
you woke me up at eight for sure and I was like whoa...
because I sleep with two alarms set to go...
I remember at 10:45 a.m. I was at The Love Center ready to hit the do-oh(door)
Oh, How I rejoice, it was five years ago, I am so happy for that day I must say
Who would have thought long ago I would be saved
go to christian clubs and not have a drink
who would have thought it
my favorite hip hop artist is born again just like me and he raps about your grace;
Who would have thought it
that I chill with my girls eating and laughing having a good old time and I would break out in prayer; all to give you praise
Who would have known that one day I would be called to call some others into this grace
I remember it was just five years ago!

I love you Jesus; you are my Lord and Saviour; I WILL BLESS YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES!

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