Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wonders and miracles
say what, say who
Nall, I dont believe that much is true
water into wineis it all true
Girlfriend I thought you knewhe was the one who died for you!
Nall, I dont believe that much is true why would he I wouldnt
Girlfriend I thought you knew that's why GOD chose him and not you!
Say what, Say who He healed people too !they walked, they were able to see
Nall, is this all true
Girlfriend, I thought you knew thats why I am here talkin to you
Say what, Say who are you proclaiming the truth or has some one brain washed you
Girlfriend no, this much is true, I read it this much is true, but I saw it, I see it in you
Say what, say who I am not blind and I can walk and I have no need for no wine
Girlfriend, that may be true, but let me tell you I once was you,
I knew it all,had a rebuttal too
Say what ,say who, say why
Girlfriend, I thought you knew lets see if the answers are birthed in me
Okay you say what, say who, say why
lets see, he died for you, he died for me, so that you may live
Oh by the way,HE LOVES YOU TOO
Say what, Say who
Girlfriend, I thought you knew, his name is JESUS

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